Since its foundation back in 1974, VEA is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and most of all the frequent use of European cars of yesteryear, in a spirit of friendship and cooperation.


VEA has over 225 members and there are no restrictions to adhere. Annual fees are $ 50.00, payable in advance on the l st of January. For new members joining the Club after 1st of September each year, the same annual fees cover the current year and the following. Members may participate at all the Club's activities, receive its publications and have their name in its directory. The cars of more than 20 years, and those of 15 years if the model is not produced any more, are also listed in the directory and on the web site. The regalia boutique of the Club offers articles like badges, pins, sweaters and caps.



There are normally activities once a month. During a week-end, members go out in the country, or for a visit to a cultural or historic site, and usually make a pic-nic together.

See here the VEA first outing.

During the week, meetings are rather in the Montreal area, for a wine and cheese or fore a video night, for example. The highest honour of the VEA, the medal of the Great Traveler, is awarded during the annual banquet to the members who have driven their car more than 10 000 kilometers during the year. Every member is invited to participate to the organization of activities and to the administration of the Club.

See here a 2003 Fall's outing.


In 1999, the VEA was privileged to have Alain Levesque, an International renowned painter, doing the 25th Anniversary Painting, which was then produced for Lithography of a large Poster.. Every member of the VEA has this poster from the
1999 Annual Diner.

Now, some of this posters are for sale!


In 2004, the VEA was celebrated its 30th birthday!

Here is the program