ATS (Italy) 1961 - 1964

In the autumn of 1961, some top technicians left the Ferrari factory after an argument with the director Enzo. The multimillionaire Earl Volpi took charge of some of them, appointed them in his Scuderia Serenissima and financed a new company, ATS (Automobili Turismo Sport SpA) in Bologna. The first cars which Carlo Chiti built as chief engineer, were monoposti for the Formule 1. Unfortunately, the cars were a fiasco. Then there was built a GT coupé, which was shown to the press at the exposition of Geneva in 1963. It was a beautiful car with a body designed by Allemano. The engine was a V8 with a capacity of 2467 cc and a strength of 210 hp. The ATS 2500 GT didn't ever race and didn't sell very well either. The name ATS was rotten by the Formule 1-debacle and that made people holding themselves from investing in the company. After 12 cars were built, the factory closed its doors in 1964. Earl Volpi took the drawings with him to his Palazzo in Venice and used them for his Serenissima sportcars later.