DELAUNAY-BELLEVILLE (France) 1904-1950

This famous engineering firm from Saint Denis started with Marius Barbarou as engineer, building 16, 24 and 40 hp four-cylinder cars.

But the six-cylinder engine was to become a feature of Delaunay-Belleville design, and the four-cylinder an exception. The marque was considered in France as the ultimate in cars and their round radiator-recalling the famous Belleville marine boilers was well known. The smallest six-cylinder they made before World War One was the 12 hp of 29l3cc and the biggest was the 45 hp of 7998cc. After the Armistice, Delaunay-Belleville resumed production with pre-war models, including the 1914 14/I6 hp of 2129cc.

In 1922 the 2613cc 12 hp four-cylinder acquired an ohc. By the late 1920s the Delaunay-Belleville had lost its prestige, some unimportant models were made with American engines like the Continental straight-eight.

The last true Delaunay-Bellevilles were the 3180cc and 3619cc ohv sixes. At the very end, after World War Two, Delaunay-Belleville built the tiny De Rovin cars in their works.