DENZEL (Austria) 1948-1960

Ex-motorcycle racer Wolfgang Denzel at Vienna started out using primarily VW mechanical components for his cars. However, as production increased, by the mid-1950s he was using many fewer VW parts. For example, most major mechanical components of his engines (except for the two-piece VW crankcases) were made by or for Denzel, including cylinder heads, intake manifolds, pushrods, rocker arms, pistons and cylinders, connecting rods, and even crankshafts. Brakes were from Fiat. Wheels were not VW or Porsche; by the mid-1950s many of them used Borroni steel/alloy wheels.

As far as engines are concerned, Denzel built 1100 cc, 1300 cc (two versions at the same time with one having more horsepower), and 1500 cc (two versions with more horsepower). In addition to the engines in his cars, he also offered a complete kit to convert a VW engine to a highly modified unit with Denzel mechanical components including crankshaft, rods, pistons, cylinders, etc

Although the earliest Denzel car or cars were built on a VW chassis, Denzel early-on went to his own chassis design. As mentioned above, brakes and wheels were not VW or Porsche. Engine major mechanical parts were primarily Denzel parts.